soldmysoulfor1d: Zayn guarding his territory (Source: fandomstookmylife, via insanity-is-my-middle-name)


Zayn guarding his territory


(Source: fandomstookmylife, via insanity-is-my-middle-name)


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So a while back I made this article featuring a number of winter products I wished were real. Shortly after, the fine people at BetaBrand reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in teaming with them to make a prototype; And since I have literally nothing to lose but my time and emotional sanity, I agreed!
Go here to vote for the product! If it receives enough votes, it moves onto the prototyping stage, and after that, if it’s successfully crowd-funded, becomes a real-live product you can wear on your body! How great would that be? Personally, I think it would be pretty great.

Grumpy Cat Invades Disney’s “Frozen”
The cold never bothered me, unlike every person I’ve ever met.